2023-7-XX DUI Reduced

Our client with a Florida license was driving from a funeral back to a local hotel in the area, when he was stopped.  The officer claimed that the client failed to “maintain his lane” and conducted a traffic stop. Eventually, he was asked how much he had to drink. The client admitted 2-3 drinks.  A […]


Client was traveling east on GA. 32 and was attempting to make a left turn into a private drive, when suddenly a motorist slammed into the rear of client’s vehicle.  EMS and police appeared a few minutes later.  The officer cited the other driver for Following Too Closely.  Upon speaking with the client, the officer […]


Client was pulled over after for a headlight violation (non-working headlight).  The officer claimed to have smelled a strong odor of alcohol on Client’s person and noted her slurred speech.  When asked to step outside her car, the officer noted that Client was unsteady on her feet. The client admitted to officers of consuming two […]


Our client drove home one evening after visiting his girlfriend who worked at a bar. Police noticed he had no taillight, but they did not immediately pull him over, they waited until the vehicle was on the highway to make the stop. The officer pointed out the vehicle’s lack of taillight then asked if our […]


Police noticed a vehicle crossing into the middle line which was faded from time. They pulled over the vehicle for failure to maintain lane. It was late night and our client was returning home from a celebration. The officers approached the vehicle and asked if our client, the driver, had been drinking that evening. They […]

23M****08 – DUI Dismissed

Police officers noticed a car parked in a dark parking spot. After approaching, the police officers noticed two open containers in the car. The car was running. Our client was asked to turn the car off and to step out. Our client explained that he hadn’t started drinking until after he parked the car.  After […]

Not Guilty – DUI Case #XXXXX89

Client was stopped by Georgia State Patrol for a minor moving violation that resulted in his being arrested for Suspended License and DUI. During the stop the officer located a cup of wine that client admitted he had been sipping. Due to a language barrier no field sobriety tests were performed. At trial, the prosecutor […]

Case no ​**T0361

Our client was arrested by Grovetown Police after his car ran out of gas. Despite client being in the passenger seat of his cousin’s car the officer assumed he’d been drinking because his car ran out of gas. There was no odor of alcohol or any other indication of intoxication yet the Officer asked client […]


Our client was stopped in Wayne County for speeding 82/70. Upon making contact, the officers noticed the odor of marijuana as well as glassy and bloodshot eyes. The officer conducting the stop asked our client if there was marijuana in the car and if he consented to a search of the vehicle. Our client agreed […]


The client was charged with Commercial Vehicle Driver Using/Possessing Alcohol While Operating A CMV received in late November 2022. While at arraignment during negotiations, an attorney for the firm was able to get case dismissed with no fine or penalties for the client.

Ashley Brown, Esq.

Upon graduating from The North Carolina Central University School of Law in 2020, Ashley immediately entered private practice handling cases in varies areas of law including family law, immigration, personal injury, and criminal defense. 

Quickly recognizing her overwhelming passion for the practice of criminal law and her desire to help the underdog, Ashley joined the Ticket Clinic team where she dedicates herself solely to the practice of misdemeanor criminal defense.