Super Speeder Ticket

How to Handle A Super Speeder Ticket in Georgia

Georgia defines a “Super Speeder” as the operator of a vehicle convicted of speeding at 75mph or more on a two-lane road or 85 mph or more on any road or highway in the state. In addition to any fees and punishments assessed by the Court, a Super Speeder must pay an extra $200 fee to the state of Georgia.

The law has been in effect in Georgia since January 1st, 2010 and was designed to make “any high-risk drivers who make a habit of ignoring posted speed limits will be the first to feel the pinch of higher state fines (called fees) on their wallets.”

Your driver’s license may be suspended if this payment is not made within 120 days. An experienced Georgia traffic ticket attorney can help you handle a super speeder ticket before it becomes an expensive headache. So call us immediately for assistance with these tickets.

The Penalty for a Super Speeder Violation in Georgia

Many people do not know that the $200 Super Speeder fine is separate from the local Court fines. For example, a county court may charge you $300 in fees and fines in addition to the super speeder fine. In this case, the driver would owe $500 total.

The Georgia Department of Driver Services assesses the $200 Super Speeder fee. Therefore convicted super speeders are essentially punished twice, once, by the Court and once by DDS.

No additional points are added to your license for being declared a Super Speeder or for not paying the Super Speeder fee. However, being classified as a super speeder could have a detrimental impact on your insurance premiums.

The penalty for failing to pay the Super Speeder fine within 120 days of the notice will be a license suspension. To get your license reinstated, an additional $50 reinstatement fee will be due along with the $200 Super Speeder Fee.

If the fee continues to go unpaid, then the next time you are stopped for an ordinary traffic violation, you will be arrested and likely taken to jail because of the license suspension. You could face a minimum jail term of 2 days and a fine of at least $500 if convicted of driving on a suspended license. Furthermore, your license could be suspended for an additional 6 months due to driving on a suspended license.

What About Out of State Drivers?

Out of state drivers are subject to the same requirements as Georgia drivers. If the $200 Super Speeder fee is not paid, then DDS will impose a suspension of your non-resident driving privileges in Georgia. Then the DDS will report the suspension to your home state licensing authority. Most states honor out of state license suspensions.

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