Police noticed a vehicle crossing into the middle line which was faded from time. They pulled over the vehicle for failure to maintain lane. It was late night and our client was returning home from a celebration. The officers approached the vehicle and asked if our client, the driver, had been drinking that evening. They asked him to step out of the vehicle to perform Standardized field Sobriety Tests. He did as he was told. After performing the tests they placed him under arrest for DUI and Failure to Maintain Lane. After he bonded out he hired the Ticket Clinic. We began our preparation for trial with the filing of documents and interviewed witnesses. One of the witnesses we spoke with was the arresting officer. After speaking with the officer and the prosecutor about the case we were able to get both charges reduced to a warning.

Ashley Brown, Esq.

Upon graduating from The North Carolina Central University School of Law in 2020, Ashley immediately entered private practice handling cases in varies areas of law including family law, immigration, personal injury, and criminal defense. 

Quickly recognizing her overwhelming passion for the practice of criminal law and her desire to help the underdog, Ashley joined the Ticket Clinic team where she dedicates herself solely to the practice of misdemeanor criminal defense.