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Case numbers are redacted for privacy. Prospective clients may not obtain the same results.

Date: 2/2/21

Charges: Fleeing Improper Passing, Following Too Close, Speeding

Result: The State agreed to dismiss the charges of Fleeing, Improper Passing, and Following Too Close and amend the speed violation from 80/35 to 50/35 in return for payment of fine of $237.

Date: 2/25/21

County: Liberty

Charge: Fleeing

Case #: 2021XXXXXX9

Result: The client was charged with a criminal charge of Fleeing an officer after a police officer attempted to pull the client over and claimed he fled for two counties. An officer had to crash his car into the front bumper of the client’s car in order for him to stop. The attorney for the firm was able to resolve the case with a traffic infraction of Too Fast for Conditions—criminal charges dropped, no points!


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