Georgia Traffic Tickets: Essential Tips for Out-of-State Drivers

January 8, 2024

Stretching across the state, Georgia’s 1,253 miles of interstate highways play critical roles in the state’s economy. Cumulatively, Georgia is enhanced by a network of fifteen interstate highways, placing the state 10th in the nation in terms of interstate highway numbers.

The highway system works in conjunction with other significant infrastructures like nearby airports and deepwater shipping ports. Together, these assets have helped Georgia, particularly the state’s capital, Atlanta, thrive as a vital transportation hub in the Southeast. 

This means lots of out-of-state drivers passing through the Peach State.

How Georgia Connects The Nation – Perfect Conditions For Out Of State Drivers

Here are a few of the major connections through Georgia:

1) The serene coastal area of Georgia finds itself intersected by the I-95. This highway weaves a path from Miami, Florida, all the way to Houlton, Maine, covering 1,919 miles across sixteen states. It’s an essential corridor for metropolitan dwellers of Boston, New York City, Washington, and Richmond, Virginia. The cost of constructing the entire stretch of I-95 was a significant $8 billion. 

2) Another crucial cross-state stretch is the I-75, which enters Georgia’s northwestern corner and exits at the Florida border in the south. The journey from Miami to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, via I-75 covers a breadth of 1,786 miles. It links Detroit, Cincinnati, and Chattanooga, Tennessee, and cost an estimated $5.1 billion to complete. 

Highways like I-85, I-20, I-24, and I-59 are instrumental artery roads in Georgia. They facilitate valuable connections with the rest of the country. For instance, I-85 stretches from the northeast corner of Georgia, cuts through Atlanta, and ends in Alabama, thus linking Petersburg, Virginia, with Montgomery, Alabama. 

What Impact Will a Georgia Traffic Ticket Have on My Out-of-state Driver’s License? 

While journeying through beautiful Georgia, you were stopped for a traffic infraction such as speeding. You’re probably now wondering: will you need to return for court? Can you simply settle your fine online? Will this result in points on your home-state license? How does this affect your insurance? The answers to these queries hinge on your home state’s regulations and the nature of your violation.

Do I need to return to Georgia for my court date?

Not always. Minor traffic violations, like speeding, can generally be handled by a local Georgian attorney without your in-person presence in court. For more severe infractions, such as DUI, hit and run or driving on a suspended license, court appearances are generally necessary. A free consultation with a seasoned local traffic ticket attorney can guide you in understanding whether you need to hire legal help or manage it yourself.

Can’t I simply pay off my ticket online?

While you’re allowed to do so, there could be negative consequences. In your home state, points may be added to your license, you might be hit with additional ‘super speeder’ penalties, or your license might even be suspended. This all depends on your home state’s points system and if it receives the outcome of your citation once your case concludes. If your state has stricter regulations than Georgia, incorrectly handled citations could lead to harsher penalties eventually. 

Can I prevent points from being added on to my license?

This depends on your home state’s regulations. Some states, including Georgia, do not add points for specific infractions like being less than 15 mph over the speed limit, exceeding safe conditions, or using improper equipment. Conversely, other states might add points for offenses such as going just 1 mph over the limit. A competent Georgia traffic ticket attorney can investigate your home state’s points system and take this into consideration when negotiating a court settlement, with the aim to lessen or eliminate long-term implications from your ticket.

Call the Georgia Traffic Lawyers at The Ticket Clinic

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