Navigating Georgia Traffic Tickets: A Comprehensive Guide for Motorists

January 3, 2024

When you’re handed a traffic ticket in Georgia, it means you’ve been accused of violating the Georgia Motor Vehicle and Traffic Code. This tiny piece of paper is loaded with important information including details of the violation, the fine associated with it, feasible payment methods, and details of the court where your hearing will take place. 

You have two ways to respond to a traffic ticket – pay it or oppose it. Paying it equates to admitting guilt and you will face penalties associated with the violation. Failing to do either promptly can lead to added charges and potentially a suspension of your driver’s license. 

Why It Pays To Call A Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Georgia 

If you think your ticket is unwarranted, you can choose to dispute it in court. To win, you’ll need to prove your innocence beyond a shadow of doubt. It is also worth challenging the ticket if serious penalties, such as suspension of your license, imprisonment terms or driving record points, are attached to your offense. However, keep in mind that disputing a ticket may wind up costing more in legal fees and lost time – especially if the court verdict goes against you.  This is why it pays to hire our experienced traffic lawyers to handle your case.

Accepting the ticket without contesting means the court deems you guilty and you’ll face the exact same penalty as if a judge found you guilty. 

Navigating Traffic Court in Georgia 

If you opt to fight the ticket, you’ll need to appear in court (the court where you’ll appear will be specified on the ticket.) Here, you’ll argue your innocence before a court administrator, magistrate, or judge. You can represent yourself or have an attorney do it on your behalf. You also have the option to request a jury trial if the violation is considered a criminal offense under state law. 

During the hearing, all evidence will be scrutinized – from testimonies of the offending officer to any witnesses you might have brought along. If you successfully prove that the ticket was wrongly issued, the judge will drop the charges and you’ll walk free without any stain on your driving record. 

Do you really want to face this process alone? Our attorneys handle traffic matters all over the state and understand the process in and out.

Possibility of Getting a Speeding Ticket Dismissed in Georgia 

In Georgia, the court has the final say on ticket dismissal. While a defendant might reach an agreement with the district attorney for lower penalties, there is no guarantee that a ticket will be dismissed. Even attending a driver improvement course will not guarantee the dismissal of a ticket. However, hiring an experienced traffic attorney could increase your chances dramatically. 

The Consequences of Pleading Guilty to a Traffic Ticket in Georgia 

If you plead guilty or no contest to a traffic violation, be prepared to pay the fines listed on the ticket. Additional penalties like license suspension and points on your driving record may also follow. The severity of the offense will dictate how many points are allocated. More serious offenses will bring more points. Accumulation of 15 or more points within a 24-month period will result in the suspension of your license.

Got A Georgia Traffic Ticket?

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