How To Navigate Atlanta Traffic Tickets

January 25, 2024

“All Roads Lead To Atlanta” – Well not really but most people who live in the area will admit they spend lots of time in their cars. It’s not rocket science, in places where people drive a lot there tends to be lots of traffic enforcement. Increased traffic enforcement means lots of traffic tickets issued. When you hit the streets of Atlanta even the most careful driver is at risk for getting caught breaking one of the many Georgia traffic laws. Fortunately for the people of Atlanta there’s options for dealing with traffic citations to minimize potentially costly situations. We’ll go through some of the more common types of Atlanta tickets.

Speeding Tickets In Atlanta

In Atlanta, Georgia, an approaching speeding ticket can cause you to instinctively settle the penalty. But beware, by doing so, you’re admitting guilt. This admission doesn’t simply lead to demerit points on your driving record; it also results in a jump in your insurance rates. Surprisingly, these hiked-up rates can haunt you for five long years. Moreover, if you collect 15 points within the span of two years, you’re looking at license suspension! 

Now, let’s see how Georgia assigns points for speeding: 

· Going over the limit by 15-18mph: 2 points 

· Speeding 19-23mph beyond limit: 3 points
· Driving 24-33mph beyond limit: 4 points
· Going 34mph or more beyond limit: 6 points 

Here’s something you shouldn’t overlook. In Georgia, driving over 85mph on any road or 75mph on a two-lane road attracts a ‘super speeder’ fine. This will cost you an extra $200 per violation, a significant monetary setback and a dent on your driving record.

Driving With Your License Suspended In Atlanta

Temptation to drive with a suspended license can be strong, particularly when you need to fulfill key tasks like getting to work or visiting healthcare professionals. However, it’s imperative to remember that such justifications won’t hold up in the eyes of the law. Disregard for the conditions of your license suspension could lead to further sanctions. 

Confronted with the predicament of a suspended license, your topmost concern should be to follow the stipulated guidelines strictly to prevent incurring more violations. 

  • The repercussions of operating a vehicle with a suspended license include potential extra penalties.
  • Ensure that you are thoroughly acquainted with the terms of your license suspension to circumvent any breaches

Stop Sign Violations In Atlanta Georgia

A ‘rolling stop’ or ‘California roll’ might seem like a harmless shortcut, but it’s noteworthy that these non-stops are seen as traffic violations by law enforcement. No matter how slowly you think you were going, if you didn’t bring your vehicle to a complete standstill at a stop sign, you are at risk of receiving a ticket. To put it simply, a legal stop requires your wheels to stop moving entirely. 

  • Partial stops or ‘rolling’ aren’t sufficient – always come to a complete halt!

Running Through a Red Light

Taking a chance on a yellow light and ending up caught in a red light can pull you over into the precinct of a traffic citation. Arguing against such a violation caught by a red-light camera in Atlanta or Fulton County can prove to be a real challenge.

Not Using Signals When Changing Traffic Lanes or Turns

On the road, it’s up to you to communicate your actions to fellow drivers. Neglecting this can result in a traffic ticket. While it might appear to be a trivial matter at first glance, it’s certainly not something to dismiss lightly.

Open Container While Driving

Driving with an open container in your car is something you should always refrain from. Merely the hint of an open container can invite complications with law enforcers. Imagine getting pulled over for a minor traffic violation and the officer notices an open container in your car – you could find yourself suspected of DUI. Being found guilty of driving with an open container adds 2 points to your license. 

  • The status of who consumed the beverage in the open container is irrelevant in the eyes of the law
  • Steer clear of ever permitting open alcohol containers in your vehicle

Improper Passing 

It’s imperative to ensure sufficient space and signal your intentions before overtaking another vehicle. A misjudged pass on a bend or gradient might result in you receiving as many as 4 points on your license. 

  • Avoid the temptation to overtake on hilly or curvy portions of the road. It can lead to a collision or land you with a traffic violation.

Aggressive Driving

It’s crucial not to downplay the consequences of aggressive driving. A conviction for such an offence in Atlanta or Fulton County could result in as many as 6 points being added to your license.

What To Do If You’ve Been Issued A Traffic Ticket In Atlanta

In the event that a traffic ticket has recently been issued to you, it’s essential to consult with a legal expert without delay. Disregarding your ticket or paying it off hastily without consulting a legal professional might lead to repercussions with long-term effects. 

Receiving a traffic ticket might lead people to feel stressed or make hasty choices through a desire to rectify the situation swiftly. You might assume paying the fine is the quickest solution. But wait! Before taking any hasty steps, consider getting advice from a traffic ticket attorney in Atlanta. Prompt action is crucial, especially if your ticket was given in Fulton County, Atlanta or elsewhere in Georgia. 

A lot of people tend to underestimate the consequences of a traffic ticket, viewing it as a small hurdle that can be easily tackled by paying the fine. However, discussing your situation with a traffic ticket lawyer can give you insights into why addressing this issue promptly and effectively can be greatly beneficial. 

Regardless of whether you’re dealing with a minor infraction or a serious traffic violation, The Ticket Clinic is here to help. Considering the high stakes involved, risking your future shouldn’t be an option. 

Should I just Pay My Atlanta Traffic Ticket and Avoid the Trouble?

Opting to foot the bill for a traffic or speeding ticket in Georgia inherently equates to an admission of guilt to the charge. Beyond the instant inconvenience, this decision may invite a plethora of repercussions. Seemingly negligible at first, these implications could potentially create significant issues in the long run. Such contingencies may encompass:
· The possibility of probation
· Incurring court expenses and fines
· The persistence of the ticket on your record
· Risk of your license being revoked or suspended
· Accumulation of points on your record
· The likelihood of this information appearing on employer-conducted background checks

What If I Fail to Appear in Court for a Traffic Charge?

Showing up in court for a traffic violation may seem intimidating, but ignoring it can result in deeper troubles. If you neglect such a situation within Atlanta city limits, there’s a good chance your driver’s license might get suspended. The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has the authority to do so if a citation has been disregarded or a court appearance skipped. Here’s where an Atlanta traffic attorney can help mitigate the risks. 

For those who’ve already encountered a license suspension, be prepared to part with a certain fee for getting it reinstated. 

Look to a Fulton County traffic ticket attorney to shed light on your rights in such scenarios. 

Essential Information for Drivers Under 21 Regarding Georgia’s Traffic Court 

Going to traffic court in Atlanta or any part of Georgia is not something to be taken lightly, especially for those under 21. Understand that regardless of the severity of the speeding ticket, anyone less than 21 years could be facing a significant penalty, such as a license suspension. 

Be aware of some of the charges that can lead to automatic license suspension if you’re under 21: 

  • If you’re under 18 and have accumulated 4 or more points on your record within 12 months
  • Charges of DUI
  • Incidents of hit and run
  • Reckless driving charges
  • Engaging in any activity resulting in 4 or more points
  • Attemping to evade or escape from a law enforcement officer using a motor vehicle
  • Participation in racing on public streets or highways

What You Should Know About Habitual Violator Allegations and Felony Charges

Traffic violations are the most common crime in the state of Georgia and this is why many people ignore them and simply pay the ticket or avoid appearing in court. Whether it’s a parking ticket, reckless driving, or speeding, it is important to get insight from an experienced attorney. You should also recognize that some traffic charges in Georgia are felonies. These include traffic violations that you commit after you have been deemed a habitual offender in Georgia. If you’re named a habitual violator, future infractions while driving a vehicle could lead to five years in prison.

Any individual charged with such a crime could be facing prosecution for felony charges. This is regardless of what traffic violation has been convicted. Felony charges may also follow any aggravated circumstances. There is a 4-year statute of limitations is the state of Georgia for felony charges so you should not assume that just because you have not been charged yet that you are safe.

An experienced Atlanta traffic ticket attorney can help you understand all the implications of a traffic violation in Georgia.

Why It Pays To Hire An Atlanta Georgia Traffic Ticket Attorney:

Having an attorney on your side in traffic cases can significantly tilt the scale in your favor, providing you the essential legal backing you need. 

Our team of seasoned traffic lawyers is dedicated to serving clients across the Atlanta Metro area. Our successful track record in resolving traffic ticket cases in Gwinnett County speaks for itself. Reach out for our expert advice today! 

Save your time and energy! Skip the lengthy courtroom sessions! Allow us to communicate with the judges, law enforcement officers, and the district attorneys on your behalf!


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