Navigating Atlanta Traffic Court: A Quick Guide

The Atlanta Municipal Court is known to be the hub of hustle and bustle, ranking as the busiest courthouse in the southeast. In most cases, an experienced Traffic Ticket Attorney at The Ticket Clinic can appear in court on the client’s behalf. However there are certain situations such as criminal matters where it’s mandatory to appear […]

How To Navigate Atlanta Traffic Tickets

“All Roads Lead To Atlanta” – Well not really but most people who live in the area will admit they spend lots of time in their cars. It’s not rocket science, in places where people drive a lot there tends to be lots of traffic enforcement. Increased traffic enforcement means lots of traffic tickets issued. […]

Georgia Traffic Tickets: Essential Tips for Out-of-State Drivers

Stretching across the state, Georgia’s 1,253 miles of interstate highways play critical roles in the state’s economy. Cumulatively, Georgia is enhanced by a network of fifteen interstate highways, placing the state 10th in the nation in terms of interstate highway numbers. The highway system works in conjunction with other significant infrastructures like nearby airports and […]

Navigating Georgia Traffic Tickets: A Comprehensive Guide for Motorists

When you’re handed a traffic ticket in Georgia, it means you’ve been accused of violating the Georgia Motor Vehicle and Traffic Code. This tiny piece of paper is loaded with important information including details of the violation, the fine associated with it, feasible payment methods, and details of the court where your hearing will take […]

Ashley Brown, Esq.

Upon graduating from The North Carolina Central University School of Law in 2020, Ashley immediately entered private practice handling cases in varies areas of law including family law, immigration, personal injury, and criminal defense. 

Quickly recognizing her overwhelming passion for the practice of criminal law and her desire to help the underdog, Ashley joined the Ticket Clinic team where she dedicates herself solely to the practice of misdemeanor criminal defense.