Florida is very strict about enforcing the DUI laws and convicted drivers usually face harsh penalties such as hefty fines, DUI school, community service, probation, license suspension, and even jail terms. So, do you need a Florida DUI Attorney if you get cited for a DUI?

If you want to investigate and contest the citation, you can consult a lawyer specializing in handling DUI cases.

Some people know that they were driving while impaired, but they don’t want to pay the hefty fines and face the rest of the consequences associated with a DUI conviction. In such a case, you can hire a Florida DUI Lawyer who will advise you on how to best challenge your charges in an attempt to reduce your charges.

In Florida, a second DUI carries even more harsh penalties than the first. If you have had a prior DUI conviction, you certainly should seek legal help for the first, second or subsequent charge.

Your lawyer may be able to help you get the charge reduced to a “wet reckless” or “reckless driving” charge, the consequences of which are less severe comparatively. And you may be able to escape a license suspension.

A seasoned DUI attorney should have the necessary skills and arguments to defend your case. Merely knowing about the lesser charge may not be sufficient for you to pull it off. You stand a better chance when a lawyer represents you in court, in our opinion.

If you have been charged with DUI – relax, it doesn’t mean you are guilty. You can always choose to fight your charges in court. Call us today to speak with one of our experienced lawyers!

Ashley Brown, Esq.

Upon graduating from The North Carolina Central University School of Law in 2020, Ashley immediately entered private practice handling cases in varies areas of law including family law, immigration, personal injury, and criminal defense. 

Quickly recognizing her overwhelming passion for the practice of criminal law and her desire to help the underdog, Ashley joined the Ticket Clinic team where she dedicates herself solely to the practice of misdemeanor criminal defense.